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Today is Saturday 21st of October 2017

A message from the Headteacher

Mrs G Wilson.


Hello I am Gerry Wilson and I have the privilege of being Executive Headteacher of Wombwell Park Street and High View Primary Learning Centre. I say privilege as one of my great loves in life is, and always has been, working with children, having the pleasure of watching them grow throughout their primary school years and sharing in their successes along this journey.


I look forward to working with you in the future to ensure that every child in both Wombwell Park Street Primary and High View Primary Learning Centre has the very best support and opportunities to fulfil their individual potential and make the most of their primary years.


I have two children of my own, both girls Bethany and Ella, and I have always led a school with the belief that it must be one that I would be proud if my children attended. My children are like ‘chalk and cheese’ as they say, Beth my eldest is very musical and Ella loves her sport. Out of school I spend a lot of time caring for our many pets, 9 Shetland ponies, 1 shire horse, 2 spaniels and 2 cats.  For relaxation I love to ride around our local area on our shire who has become quite a local celebrity.